Friday, 24 November, 2017

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Helpful Money Habits

Friday, 03 February 2017

The blog Frugal Debt Free Life offers a lot of great suggestions on how to deal with your budget. Here are her suggestions for how to take a closer look at your budget.

Are you looking to turn the money ship around in 2017? Who isn't? Even budgeting pros need to develop good habits sometimes. So let's talk about six money habits you can develop now. 

1. Do a budget audit

I think this is great to do every year or every few months. Look at your budget and see what is not working for you anymore. Different seasons mean you might need different things. 

What are some things that need to be added to your budget? What needs to be taken out? What are some things you can cut? Where are you overspending? Where do you need to allocate more funds? 

As these questions and see where changes need to be made. 

2. Reconcile your bank statement

Okay, this sounds like I am telling you to balance your checkbook. But I'm not. Yes, you need to balance your checkbook. But reconciling your statement means you go through and look line by line and see where you're spending money. You can see where you're wasting money and look for any mistakes. 

3. Reconcile your credit card statement

I know. I am talking about credit cards. GASP. Okay, calm down. It's easy if you have a credit card it can be easy to lose track of how much you're spending. Sit down each week or month and go through your statement line by line. See where you're spending and where you can cut back. 

4. Reconsider your loyalty

What is your bank offering you? If they're not offering competitive interest rate or services you need, take your money elsewhere. 

Look at other areas where your loyalty lies, like cable and internet providers (if you have a choice, we don't) insurance companies and other service providers. If you can get a better price elsewhere, take your business elsewhere. 

5. Shop with a grocery list

Want to save about $25 a week? Hope with a list. If you don't use a list, you will end up buying things you don't need or not buying things you do need and then repeating the process over and over and over again. Just jotting down a simple list you can save at least $25 a week (or $1,300 a year!!).

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Management Program

Thursday, 02 February 2017

If you are looking for a full service management program, we have that also!  Rent-A-Home provides professional property management services across the Asheville area. For newcomers to property management, or those wondering about Rent-A-Home’s specific services, please click here.

It includes everything from our marketing program including:

1. Advertising your property through Rent-A-Home’s website, as well as Craigslist, Zillow, and other property listing services;

2. Placing a “For Lease” sign in your yard (if applicable);

3. Professional showing of the property to prospective tenants;

4. Processing applications for prospective tenants by running credit, criminal, rental reference checks as well as income verification;

5. Completion of a North Carolina Residential Rental Contract; and

6. Collection of the security deposit and first month’s rent.

7. Our fee for this service is equal to one month's rent.  This is paid at the time the property is leased, no upfront cost is required.


Our management program will also include the following items:

1. Digital documentation of the condition of the property during tenant move-in and move-outs;

2. Collection of monthly rent;

3. Handling maintenance requests;

4. Eviction services;

5. General management of the property; and

6. Property Inspections

7. For this service we charge a fee equal to one half of one month’s rent, then 10% of the monthly rent each month the property is being managed.


Give us a call today to get started at 828-676-6764!